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Manual Handling Essentials (Wicklow)





Manual Handling Course

€56, Discounted to €50 when booked online.

Course Details:

The Manual Handling course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to conduct all manual handling activities in a manner that will prevent injury. The course deals with informing participants on the consequences of lifting incorrectly, the philosophy being that if persons understand the consequences of incorrect lifting they will pay more attention to lifting correctly.

On completion of the course participants will be able to:

· Understand the consequences of incorrect lifting

· Understand the mechanics of the spine and muscular system

· Understand the 8 principles of safe lifting

The course includes:

1. Introduction

2. Legislation

3. Anatomy & Injuries

4. Biomechanics

5. Principles of Safe Handling

6. Lifting Techniques

7. Conclusions

Duration: 1/2 Day