Emergency First Response - (ID: #69)

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Course Summary

A Six day advanced First Aid Course, included Cardiac First Response -Advanced Level.

Course Description

Emergency First Responder

Course Details:

STAC has designed our Emergency First Responder Course to be produce highly confident First Aiders with the skills and knowledge to provide care until arrival of emergency services. An Emergency First Responder (EFR) is a person trained in Cardiac First Response that possesses additional knowledge and skills in the assessment and management of patients in a pre‐hospital environment. An Emergency First Responder may be part of the emergency medical services, a healthcare practitioner or a member of the public. The first responder course equips the student to be able to deal with a variety of trauma and medical conditions.


On completion of the First Aid Responder course participants will have the skills to:  

  • Recognise and assess both common life‐threatening and common serious medical conditions in a pre‐hospital environment.
  • React to a pre‐hospital emergency utilising appropriate EFR standard of care according to PHECC CPGs.
  • Respond in an effective, safe and appropriate manner to a medical emergency and trauma in a pre‐hospital environment utilising the EFR skill set.

The course includes:

- Cardiac First Response - Advanced Level

- Primary survey

- Secondary survey

- Anatomy and Physiology

- Continuum of pre‐hospital emergency care

- Principles of lifting and moving

- Pharmacology

- Airway and ventilation

- Respiratory emergencies

- Cardiovascular emergencies

- General medical emergencies

- Bleeding, shock and soft tissue injuries

- Musculoskeletal, head and spinal injuries

- Pediatrics

- Childbirth

- Information management

- Communications

- The wellbeing of the EFR

- Infection prevention and control

- Medico‐legal EFR


Duration: 6 Days

Student: Instructor Ratio   8:1

Certification: 3 Year certification of Competence, from Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council following successful assessments.