Emergency Response Team Training

Seamus and the ERT Training team in STAC are passionate about reducing the effects of industrial accidents. Having worked and witnessed accidents in industry over the years, we understand both the business management and emergency services aspects of these situations. Well made plans with well trained responders reduce the effects of possible workplace accidents.

We help build your emergency response team through confidence & competence. Firstly, they need to be comfortable and confident in their use of the necessary equipment, then through practice and high-fidelity training scenarios your team build confidence.

  • Confidence to manage an incident & accident until the arrival of emergency services.

  • Confidence to protect people, property & the environment

  • Confidence to gain safe access, perform assessments of the situation & casualties, remove people & casualties from unsafe situations of required and care for them until arrival of emergency services.

We continuously assess our learners, your team members against our comprehensive skills matrix. This gives management a continuously updated insight of their team’s skills and training needs.

Our training team combines decades of experience in Fire Service, Industry, Military Medicine, Rescue, and Adult Education, to give you an unrivaled training system for your Emergency Response Team

Give Seamus a call 086-8187403 to arrange a site visit so we can best build your training plan.

Emergency Response Team - Medical

Emergency Response Team - Rescue

Emergency Response Team - Fire

Emergency Response Team - Hazardous Material (HazMat)