Some Feedback

“I found FAY fantastic. The children were really interested in it. I loved the way it linked in with many school subjects. The posters were great. The children were really enthusiastic and interested in using FAY. They loved that it was so practical and they liked doing CPR. I will use it in the future, I found it a fantastic resource”

Stephen McMakin, Scoil na Maighdine Mhuire


“FAY will raise awareness which will help with prevention of incidents requiring first aid. Prevention is key”

Michael Ryan, Our Lady Queen of Peace NS


“Schools in general are concerned with confined spaces or steps where children may trip or bump into each other, resulting in sprains and scrapes. Other concerns would be relating to incidents involving children with pre-existing medical conditions. FAY will help eliminate silly mistakes and the consequences of difficult situations”

Colm Ward, Mungret NS


“The Children enjoyed using FAY. I found the lesson plans well laid out & easy to follow. The pupils became more responsible for their own safety due to increased awareness of causes of accidents and the consequences of them.”

Mags O’Connor, Glengurt NS


“FAY helped in reducing accidents, it raised awareness of the importance of being taught safety & first aid skills. I found it excellent, easy to use, well-structured and fun. The children enjoyed it. I will use it again as part of SPHE”

Marie Gorman, Birdhill NS


“FAY is very easy to use with step by step instructions. The children engaged with the program and looked forward to sessions. I was delighted at how well even the youngest class members engaged with FAY and learned so much from the program.”

Ann Creaner, St. Columba’s NS


“We Found FAY very easy to use, especially using the CD-Rom & pack. Being able to divide the children into smaller groups each with a manikin. The children were absolutely thrilled. They were competitive with each other making it fun.  They are now more conscientious of what they are doing and more aware of dangers on camp. We will use FAY in the future.”

Eilish Molamphy, Killaloe Scout Group


“The boys enjoyed Fay, the teachers found it easy to use. The boys now do their best to avoid unsafe actions after learning more about the consequences of these kind of actions. 190 Boys learned CPR this year, we will use FAY again. Two lessons per class level, starting with 2nd class up to 6th class”

Orla Hughes, St. Malachy’s Boys School.


“Good for the teachers, FAY reminds them of their own training in First Aid, they keep practising skills as they show the children. The children responded very positively, they are starting so early that they do not have any of the inhibitions that adults do and are confident tin their learning. We will use again as it is cross curricular and thematic. We are happy to endorse FAY”

Ann O’Callaghan, Mountcollins NS


“It’s a great program. The resources are great. It is very easy to follow. The learning outcomes are very clear. The pupils really enjoyed it. There are loads of activities for them, the CD-ROM makes it interactive, and the posters are great to put up around the room. I will use FAY in future classes, First Aid is very important so I hope to use it with classes I have in the future.   I think it is a very good program, it is clear and well laid out. It is easy to use for teachers. Children enjoy it.”

Donal Ryan, Kildangan NS