Meet the Team 

Seamus Sinnott - Founder

“We won’t stop until we’ve got the whole of the country trained in First Aid. Then, we can really make a difference.”  Seamus Sinnott, Founder of STAC First Aid

In his early career, Seamus witnessed his boss suffer an accident, which lead to an amputation. “This was a real wake-up call. I knew then, that the first aid training I’d had was insufficient, and hadn’t prepared us. We didn’t react properly, and the consequences were shocking. I needed real skills and the idea of STAC First Aid was born.” 

Seamus started on a journey of gaining proper training and began volunteering as a reservist in the Army Medical Corp, where he severed for 20 years . A few years later STAC was formed with the goal of providing First Class, First Aid Training.

“Teaching the skills is not enough. You have to build the confidence in people so they can react properly and professionally. So that they become a seamless part of the care, until the professionals medics arrive on the scene. This is what makes a difference.”


We have built a team, all of who are passionate about top quality First Aid. Nobody in the S.T.A.C .office is ‘just admin’ all have thorough knowledge of the certification systems involved and a  long history and involvement in providing first aid in different sectors, industry, red cross, army medical corp.


Michael O'Leary, Training Coordinator & Instructor

“First Aid! Sure aren’t you steeped in it”. That was the comment from one Primary School principal in Co.Clare when she met with Michael O’Leary at her school recently.

She knew Michael when he was County Secretary of the Clare Red Cross in the early 1980’s.

Michaels’ involvement in First Aid now spans five decades, “my father was involved with the Civil Defence in the 1960’s” he commented, “I guess it all stems from there”.

Michael joined Seamus as Training Co-ordinator and Instructor at in 2011 and now delivers courses from Basic First Aid to FETAC Level 5 Occupational First Aid Courses nationwide.


Mario Miotto

“It’s a passion more than a job. To enjoy people and to be able to help and make a small difference keeps me going. I get a total high…to see people learn and become confident is electric really!”  Mario Motto, Instructor, Limerick Branch

When Mario first came to Ireland from South Africa, he soon began to miss the ‘calling’. He’d trained as a medivac technician in the military, and he served as a medic in the fire service. So he joined the Civil Defence here in Ireland, and still volunteers regularly. Mario is passionate about what STAC teaches, and the way they do it. “We are all medics here, and we teach from experience, and not from a bunch of slides”

First Aid Courses Ireland – Value for Life

There is no training more valuable than a first aid course – training that enables you to save a life. It really is that simple. It could be the life of a colleague, a child, a senior relative, or perhaps the life of a complete stranger, but that life is priceless when you consider the minor cost of a first aid course. A first aid course is a must-have for everyone, whether they know it or not.
A First Aid Course for Everyone

Whatever your requirements, we have a first aid course to fit. We tailor our courses to the needs, the profile and the activities of your business, your family unit, your club, your crèche, your school or your organisation. If you are simply a group of friends with a shared interest in first aid courses to keep those closest to you safe, we will design and deliver a course especially for you.

Childcare is one of our specialties. If you worry about your children or the children who are regularly in your care, stop now. We have designed first aid courses specifically for the treatment of babies from three months up to children of 13 years of age, and all the trouble they can get into in between! Please contact us to find out more about how you can help them when it matters most.
STAC First Aid Course Ireland

Sinnott Training and Certification consistently delivers first aid courses in Ireland to a very high standard. Because of this, we were the first independent training company in the mid-west region to attain full recognition from the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council. Such a vote of confidence in our first aid courses motivates us to improve our courses even more, and we hope it inspires confidence in you too.

All Sinnott Training and Certification first aid course instructors and examiners hold current certification from:

  •     Occupational First Aid Assessment Agent (OFAAA)
  •     Pre Hospital Care Council
  •     Health & Safety Authority

Our instructors have a wealth of field experience in first aid care and in delivering first aid courses throughout Ireland for many years. They are familiar with the dangers and the hazards in all environments, and what you can do in specific situations to give effective first aid care at home, at work or at play.

STAC first aid courses Ireland consistently deliver first aid courses of the highest standard throughout Ireland in areas such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway & Waterford. Please contact us for more details.