Grans live saved by kids

Gran saved by Kids aged 4 & 6 !

This is a great news story we hear today in The Irish Sun newspaper!

We have believed for years that young kids really can make a difference in emergency situations, hence we developed our First Aid for Youth for Youths program.

The Irish Sun says "Ursula Doran-O’Rathallaigh collapsed in her home in Nurney, Co Kildare, after losing consciousness and lay slumped on the floor."

Her grandchildren Katelyn & Nathan used simple First Aid skills of CPR & the recovery position to help.

The Irish Sun continues "

Although terrified, the brave kids also managed to alert neighbours and an ambulance soon arrived to rush their patient to Naas General Hospital.

Speaking to the Irish Sun yesterday, Ursula told how she had no recollection of the incident ten days ago — but knew she owed her swift recovery to the quick-thinking of the two youngsters.

She said: “I remember feeling faint and then I just passed out.

“The children had been the only two people here and they were so brave and so calm.

“Katelyn had been taught CPR by her dad and she moved me in to the recovery position.

“Because she was so calm I think it kept Nathan calm. She got Nathan to push down on my chest like she had been shown.

“The ambulance was here quickly and I woke up in hospital.

“I think it was sleep deprivation but I feel fine now. It wasn’t a seizure but I have had moments like that before.

“I could have hurt myself if the children hadn’t been here. The last time, I passed out in the sitting room and woke up in the bathroom covered in bruises.

“They’re my two superheroes anyway. The doctors said they were so brave the way they acted.”

The two kids themselves were taking all the praise in their stride.

Showing off his Man of Steel T-shirt, Nathan — who wants to be an astronaut when he’s older — quipped: “Superman never relaxes”. And Katelyn revealed that while it was the first time she has performed life-saving first aid, she had been well-prepared.

She said: “My dad is in the Air Corps and he had shown me what to do. I put her on her side but couldn’t do mouth-to-mouth because there was blood coming from her mouth.

“I showed Nathan what to do by pushing hard on her chest. I then ran next door and they phoned an ambulance.”

And explaining why CPR should be taught in schools, Katelyn insisted: “Other children would know what to do.”


Help bring First Aid to your local school, so more kids can help if they where placed in the same situation as above.