Live Saving Beetroot

Wow there are some interesting facts in a recent study funded by Irish Heart Foundation.


Dr. Eamon Dolan is a stroke physician in Connolly Hospital, Dublin. He helps many Stroke survivors manage their Blood Pressure. Dr. Dolan's recent research looked into the benefits of beetroot for those with high blood pressure.

Did you know there are almost 1 million people in Ireland who have high blood pressure – many who don’t know it? And this is predicted to increase to 1.2 million by 2020.

Of these people, 1 in 10 cannot be treated with high blood pressure medication.
Being able to control high blood pressure is key to preventing stroke, and other life-threatening heart conditions. As Dr. Dolan says, even a small reduction in blood pressure can make all the difference.

Thanks to the support of our donors Dr. Dolan’s research may provide a safe and inexpensive treatment that could help people right now, and prevent the onset of stroke, heart failure and heart disease.

WHY BEETROOT?  I here you ask.

Researchers have found that nitrate found in vegetables such as beetroot, can be easily broken down by the body and converted to nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is recognised as an important regulator of blood pressure, in that it expands the walls of the arteries allowing blood to flow more freely.

Dr.Dolan is hoping to show that beetroot juice has a long term effect in reducing blood pressure in patients who are hypertensive and on medication. He has already completed an initial study showing that beetroot juice given to patients over a 24 hour period, lowers blood pressure

Dr.Dolan I want to give you a pat on the back, this is great research which  can have huge benefit into the future. I know what I will be planting in the vegetable patch this spring.